Pyang error when supplied a deviation with --deviation-module option

I am using the pyang version supplied with ConfD package to sanitize the yang files. We are seeing error when supplied a deviation file with “–deviation-module” or “–deviation-module=”

/usr/bin/pyang -V -p /usr/src/confd/snmp/yang:/usr/share/f5-yang:openconfig:/usr/share/openconfig/lldp:/usr/share/openconfig/interfaces \
        --tailf-sanitize \
        --tailf-keep-info \
        --tailf-keep-display-when \
        --tailf-keep-actions \
        --ignore-errors \
        openconfig/openconfig-if-aggregate.yang \
        -f yang \
           -a f5-if-aggregate-ann.yang \
           --deviation-module f5-openconfig-if-aggregate-deviations.yang \
        -o yang-sanity/openconfig-if-aggregate.yang
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/usr/lib/pyang/bin/pyang", line 411, in <module>
  File "/usr/lib/pyang/bin/pyang", line 307, in run
    m = ctx.add_module(filename, text)
  File "/usr/lib/pyang/pyang/", line 103, in add_module
    return self.add_parsed_module(module)
  File "/usr/lib/pyang/pyang/", line 132, in add_parsed_module
    statements.validate_module(self, module)
  File "/usr/lib/pyang/pyang/", line 96, in validate_module
    iterate(module, phase)
  File "/usr/lib/pyang/pyang/", line 91, in iterate
    iterate(s, phase)
  File "/usr/lib/pyang/pyang/", line 91, in iterate
    iterate(s, phase)
  File "/usr/lib/pyang/pyang/", line 53, in iterate
    res = f(ctx, stmt)
  File "/usr/lib/pyang/pyang/", line 214, in <lambda>
    ('reference_3', 'deviate'):lambda ctx, s:v_reference_deviate(ctx, s),
  File "/usr/lib/pyang/pyang/", line 1896, in v_reference_deviate
    idx = t.parent.substmts.index(t)
ValueError: <pyang.statements.Statement object at 0x7f6e04699b90> is not in list
make: *** [Makefile:476: openconfig-if-aggregate.swagger] Error 1
[root@partition-manager-builder partition-manager]# 

Where as I could see yanger is working and generating pyang file with the same set of annotation and deviation files.

Dependencies openconfig/openconfig-if-aggregate.yang f5-if-aggregate-ann.yang f5-openconfig-if-aggregate-deviations.yang
/usr/bin/yanger -p /usr/src/confd/snmp/yang:/usr/share/f5-yang:openconfig:/usr/share/openconfig/lldp:/usr/share/openconfig/interfaces \
	-f tree \
	--tailf-annotation-module f5-if-aggregate-ann.yang \
	--deviation-module f5-openconfig-if-aggregate-deviations.yang \
	openconfig/openconfig-if-aggregate.yang > openconfig-if-aggregate.pyang
[root@partition-manager-builder partition-manager]# 

Can let me know how to supply deviation modules to pyang for yang sanitization?

Do you need to use pyang? It is not clear to me why you are trying to sanitize OpenConfig modules - sanitization does not do anything substantial except removing tailf-specific statements, but there are no such statements in OC modules.