Python cli script load error from confd

Hi ,
i am trying the load the cli python scripts via confd . i am getting typical error of
Skipping script. Illegal syntax in output from --command" on line 1. Expected “begin” got “ERROR:”.

but same script is loaded fine in some instances without any error.

Also observed that , if we limit the number of scripts less in the folder from where it loads. then this python script loaded every time successfully.

  1. Is there any limitation of number of scripts ?
  2. is there any resource limit while loading results into this error

Are trying to run test script? Do you use pexpect to verify output?

You should have some log file with the output, so you can take a look what the output was and why there
was ERROR: instead of begin. Without knowing what your script does (tests) it si not possible to guess the issue.

I’m guessing your scripts influence each other, so you see different behavior when different scripts are run.