Question about configuration item in confd.conf

Hi Team,
I created a directory–/opt/confd/fxs to load fxs files for confd, and added it to /confdConfig/loadPath in confd.conf to make it work.
For simple administration, I also create some sub directories under /opt/confd/fxs, such as /opt/confd/fxs/app. Now the question is that is it mandatory to add these sub directories to /confdConfig/loadPath in confd.conf?
Can’t we only configure the parent directory in confd.conf? It seems that confd would not search the sub directory if we configure the parent directory in confd.conf only.

Wish for your reply.



yes this is correct, ConfD does not search for subdirectories. However, you can have several directories specified in loadPath.


Since confd.conf is basically XML, workaround may be to write script that would fill in loadPath entries before starting `ConfD.

You may also pass loadPath as parameter to ConfD directly with --addloadpath <Dir> parameter, which can be repeated several times.