Question: duplicated device instances? Is this possible?


I have a general question regarding Netconf operation.

Let’s say I have 2 devices in the system. 2 instances. Both implement the same Yang model.
For example, think about 2 dhcpd (though it might not make sense, it’s just an example for this question).

Is there a way to refer to one of the instances when I want to configure it?

Can both instances have subscription code implemented that refers to the same namespace ?


In the top level README file of the ConfD distribution, there’s description on “Running Multiple Instances of ConfD”. You need to configure unique ConfD IPC ports and NETCONF ports for each ConfD instance using its own confd.conf.

You will connect to each instance using its configured NETCONF port.

Yes, the two ConfD instances are independent from each other.

thank you for your reply.
How about a single ConfD but multiple instances of a specific device type that has configuration modeled with YANG?
Both devices “talk” with the same ConfD server.
If my NC client needs to refer to one device (i.e. send configuration request), do I need to have something like an instance-id or some identifier baked into the YANG schema (and the YANG data would have such id send in the payload) ?


That is correct, you need to specify the key element that points to the device.

thank you. I’ll try to look for an example. If you have something in mind, please let me know.