Reg: Issue when using " | display xml"

Hi All!

When execute a show command for a particular oper query we are not seeing any issues. But when we pipe the output with display xml we are getting below error…

Error: expected type string, got uint8

if the output given to yang is not the same as per the type specified we should have seen issue in normal show without | rt ?. Why is that we are seeing issue only with | display xml what is the difference ?. Any pointers on the same would be helpful.

Balaji Kamal Kannadassan


there could be error in the original request as well, though not discovered due to e.g. a bit different ordering of callback executions. One item that comes to mind could be iteration of the model depth-first vs width-first for some requests in case of the nested lists…

Sometimes the data provider app that we create for integration can “expect” some specific ordering of execution of data provider callbacks, though it’s recommended to evade this as much as possible…

Try enabling the ConfD developer log and see for what specific callback the error occurs.
Check whether/how the callbacks are invoked when reading the model for “plain” vs “| display xml”.
(e.g. get-next’s invoked for different sub-trees in different order between the two requests etc.)