Regarding confd notification

Dear Team ,

    I would like to know how application generated (like trap messages) notification handled by confd. Thanks


Hi Aarur,
ConfD has built-in support for the well-known stream NETCONF, defined in RFC 5277. ConfD supports the notifications defined in RFC 6470 - NETCONF Base Notifications on this stream. If the application needs to send any additional notifications on this stream, it can do so.

For NETCONF notifications, you can take a look at the $CONFD_DIR/examples.confd/netconf_notifications example.

The NETCONF notification example shows you how to implement a NETCONF Notification stream.
Two applications (notifier_builtin_replay_store.c and notifier.c) are provided which implements either a notification stream with built-invreplay support or with externally implemented replay support.

More details about notifications can be found in the ConfD UG “The NETCONF Server” chapter under the “Notification Capability” section.

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Notification Capability

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