Reload Fxs without restarting confd

i have got a new set of compiled fxs. I want to load these fxs to a running confd.
is it possible without restarting the confd?

@cohult could you pls help answering this?
i can do it via Maapi java api but it reloads all the fxs. i want to reload only the additional fxs

You are updating the data base schema, so an in-service upgrade is required to add new schema while ConfD is running. See ConfD UG chapter “In-service Data Model Upgrade” and the examples.confd/in_service_upgrade/simple example

@cohult .this document tells , I need to keep all the fxs in the new loadPath Directory. but when the number of yangs increases , it takes too much time to load schema and sometimes schemaload process hangs indefinitely. can we load only the additional fxs and not all the fxs?.
we have to do schemaload 100 times and each time 70 fxs are added. So around 7000 fxs will be there at the end.