Hi Guys,
[ Requirement: Multiplexing(listening on) port 80/443 for web server and RESTCONF both]
small help is needed in adding proxy feature in my webserver which is dedicated to proprietary web-based-client .
Idea is to have modification in existing wev-server and forward all restconf related requests to Confd engine.
My existing web server is already serving on port 80/443 for proprietary web-based-client.
I am trying to use my existing web-server’s http and https ports ( i.e. 80 and 443 ) for restconf also.
So i will parse the request and based on some information present in the request i will forward it to Confd-<port> if it is for restconf or handle it as if request came from proprietary web-based-client.
Please let me know if some solutions are already there for such kind of problem/requirement ?
Or, Confd Lib-API can help ?
Or, it is not possible to do it ?
Or, Is there any other way to achieve this ?
Adding my example config file.

Thanks in Advance…

REST/RESTCONF configuration:

true true false ./ true 8008


If you use ConfD’s built in webserver you of course won’t have any issue multiplexing RESTCONF and web server traffic.
If you are using your own web server, i.e. you do not want to use ConfD’s built in one, take a look at the nginx proxy example under examples.confd/nginx_proxy/

The Makefile that the README file in that example refer to seems to be missing, but you can add your own using something like this:

$ pwd
$ cat Makefile
.PHONY: nginx
	nginx -p . -c nginx/nginx.conf

Thanks Cohult.
I will try.