Return value of maapi_exists

I am seeing a discrepancy in return value of maapi_exists between confD 6.4.4 and confD 7.2.2.

For a set but uncommitted path, maapi_exists returns 0 in confD 6.4.4 and returns 1 in confD 7.2.2. Here, maapi_exists is invoked as part of a validation routine from the yang model.
Because of this, the C application is failing return value checks.

Please suggest.

well, there may have been some fix related to maapi_exists() in between the versions.

if you think newer version behaves incorrectly for some specific check, you can add some brief YANG /request example for problematic YANG construct…

maapi_ calls work on pending transaction, so your described case of return value 1 should be correct one…