Rollback far away point, but keep recent points

In my network operation environment, I usually run some commits each time, e.g commit 1, commit 2, and commit 3 in that order. The output of “show commit list” command shows the reversed order of these commit, e.g commit 3 at 0 position, commit 2 at 1st position, commit 1 at 2nd position.

Now I would like to ask if there is a way to remove all changes of commit 1, but changes of commit 3 and commit 2 are still remained?

Normally with rollback command, if we rollback to the point of the commit 1, all changes of all three commits 1, 2 and 3 will be removed.

There is an option called selective when you use the rollback CLI command which allows only the commit performed with the selected rollback file to be rolled back.

localhost(config)# rollback 
Possible completions:
  configuration   Roll back database to last committed version
  selective       Apply a single rollback delta

Many thanks waitai. I tried the option of rollback command. And this is exactly what I want. I did not notice that option before although I tried rollback command some times.