Running this command " commit save-running <file> "

running this command " commit save-running "
, getting
error:internal error
anyone have any idea where i have to check the problem.

Have you checked all of your log files such as confd.log, devel.log, and audit.log? What error messages do you see there?

Your command in your problem description didn’t indicate a filename argument. Did you supply a filename when you type “commit save-running” on the CLI?

An internal error is most likely a ConfD bug. Can you describe what you have done to get to this state?

You can also refer to the General Troubleshooting Strategies section (26.12.4 in the case of Release 5.4) of the ConfD User Guide for troubleshooting tips.

Hi ,

I had checked all of theses logs files, Nothing was logged.I had supplied the correct file name but still getting the same error.

We are using third party DB , not a CDB to store a Data.

We have Implemented Confd Api to store the data in RDBMS.

When you said “nothing was logged”, did you mean nothing pertaining to this internal error message is logged and that you do see other log messages?

Are you able to do "save " in the CLI’s config mode?

Does this CLI user has permission to write to the file system? You can test this out by doing the following in the operational mode of the CLI:

# show running-config | save running.config