Same name fxs files in two load paths

In my confd.conf, there are two dirs under loadPath

Both paths have the fxs file, e.g.: aaa.fxs
When I start confd, which fxs file it will load or both of file will be loaded ?


If the YANG models with the confdc compiled fxs files use:

  • the same namespace, only the first one will be loaded by ConfD and the confd.log will contain something like “Skipping file ./path1/aaa.fxs: namespace already loaded
  • different namespaces with the same prefix, ConfD will fail at start-up with an error message and and the same error message will be in the confd.log.
  • different namespaces with the same prefix but one or both of the fxs were compiled with the -p or --prefix confdc flag to make the prefix unique, both will be loaded.
  • different namespaces and prefixes both will be loaded.
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Thank you very much for detailed explanations for different cases!