Schema changes giving live upgrade compatibility issues

Hi there,

I am facing live upgrade compatibility issue while making some schema changes. I have modified the type of leaf from int32 to string with default value as “0”.

During testing my changes in production environment I have found, after upgrading the system with new version the confd cli is still showing the older data (data in integer type).

I am new to confd, thus may be my question is not appropriate in some ways, please let me know if some more clarification is required on my ask.

Thanks in advance for the help!!


An initial sanity check is to make sure that the compiled YANG model (in fxs, final schema, format) that was loaded into ConfD matches the new revision.

$ confd --status |grep "my-yang-model-name revision"
  module: my-yang-model-name revision: 2021-12-06

Thanks Cohult for your response.

Is there any way so that I can continue with my schema changes and still pass the live upgrade compatability?

I have to have string type of the leaf in the schema, to implement one of the design change.

One of the suggestion i received is addition of new leaf with string type (Keeping the old leaf as it is) and it’s corresponding callpoint handler.

Please share your thoughts on it.