Scp from an external server to confd server hung state

Trying to transfer (using SCP) files from an external server to a confd server using 22 port.

Using ConfD’s built-in AAA config for authentication and OpenSSH for SCP copy.
Authentication is successful but SCP is not working using OpenSSH

SCP is in a hung state. Can you help me how to debug the issue?

I have tried in the same scp with port 2024 without confd AAA authentication all works fine

Here are the details of failed SCP copy failed for port 22

scp -v admin@

debug1: Sending env LANG = en_US.UTF-8
debug1: Sending command: scp -v -t /tmp

There is no response after that.Its in a hung state

Any idea how to debug this issue ?

Quick response is really appreciated

Can you describe your scenario. Do you use openssh server and scp client or do expect
ConfD itself supports scp ? Port 22 is standard SSH port, not used by ConfD SSH server unless changed in confd.conf.

I am trying SCP from external server / machine to confd server which has confd and openssh server

authentication is successful with confd AAA but scp is not working with openssl server

Do we need to enable or change configuration in openssh server side ?

There is no error displayed … how to debug the issue ?

To understand more. Do you expect ConfD AAA authentication should also work for Openssh authentication (system)? If so, why?(Did you make some e.g. some PAM plugin using ConfD authentication to the system?