Scp from external server to confd server


With ConfD local authentication, is it possible to scp file from external server to server running ConfD?
scp is executed on external server (non ConfD server) and authentication is ConfD local authentication.

It’s not entirely clear but I read your question as being: is it possible to scp to ConfD’s built-in ssh-server and ConfD’s AAA authentication?

This is not possible, the built-in ssh-server does not support scp. However, you have a couple options:

  1. just run an external ssh-server, e.g. OpenSSH, and use normal linux authentication. This is simple although not quite what you want.
  2. again, use an external ssh-server and write a pam-module that authenticates requests against ConfD’s built-in AAA config using maapi_authenticate(). The ssh-server supply the secure-copy functionality and relies on ConfD for authentication.
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