Set_elem on leaf wiht semi colon as value

in my requirement in which i ll set a leaf with some string and that string includes “;”(semi colon)
but the problem here is confd taking ; as delimiter and its taking string till first ; , i dont want to give value in quotes which ll solve my problem.
is there any way other than using double quotes,
i want the following behavior
user role NA;SA;EA;

You can use the following confd.conf parameter to specify whether quotes are required or not for both the | and ; characters when they appear inside of a string:

/confdConfig/cli/laxBarQuoting (xs:boolean) [false]
    laxBarQuoting is either "true" or "false". If set to "true" then | and ; are only quoted if they appear by
    themselves. A consequence of this is that the user must have whitespace on both sides of | and ; on
    the command line when these characters are used as pipe (|) or concatenator (;).

The above can be found in the confd.conf section in Volume 5 of the ConfD man-pages.