Setting Confd log level to trace

Developer logs can be to set to trace level by adding the following line, as documented in ConfD User guide. trace

Is it possible to set log level to trace for the other logs such as netconfTraceLog, netconfLog & auditLog?

The reason for looking for trace log level is that after sending a Netconf Hello message, I want to check whether it has reached the ConfD and what is ConfD response.

The ConfD NETCONF trace log will log the incoming hello message and the response from ConfD sent to the NETCONF client.

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Thank you @ cohult. I have a few follow-up questions. Please clarify

  1. Does netconf.trace capture trace level logs by default?

  2. Except devel.log, cannot we set the log level of the other Confd logs such as netconf.trace, netconf.log, confd.log & audit.log?

  3. When my Netconf client sent Hello message, I did not find any logs in netconf.log or netconf.trace. But I see few logs in audit.log & packets captured by Wireshark (I am yet to decode the Wireshark packets, which are encrypted). What could be the reason for not seeing any logs in netconf.log & netconf.trace?