Setting idle time out for session


i wanted to know is there any api similar to maapi_cli_set() to set the cli seesion idle-timeout.
actually in my requirement i dont use action callbacks i need to set the idle-timeout as soon as the session starts
i ll be storing this idle timeout value in db which i want to retrieve and set the idle timeout whenever the cli session starts.


You can use /clispec/operationalMode/start/callback/capi/cmdpoint to invoke a command() action callback when the CLI session starts, and in that callback you can use maapi_cli_set().

…or if you prefer, you should be able to use /clispec/operationalMode/start/callback/exec to run a script that does ‘maapi --get’ to get the value and ‘maapi --cliset’ to set it for the session.

thanks per for this information