Show all not working via NETCONF

Hi Team,

I have about 20 yang modules loaded. I am trying to do get all via CLI and NETCONF.

With CLI, the show all is working good. But with NETCONF, I could see “Unexpected socket close” error. Its not able to get all data via NETCONF.


29-Mar-2023::23:56:23.580 saber2 confd[2882]: netconf id=269 new ssh session for user “Admin” from
29-Mar-2023::23:56:23.965 saber2 confd[2882]: netconf id=269 got rpc: {urn:ietf:params:xml:ns:netconf:base:1.0}get attrs: message-id=“urn:uuid:14584bcc-c507-4228-ab0c-69de3e9c2747”
29-Mar-2023::23:56:24.149 saber2 confd[2882]: netconf id=269 get attrs: message-id=“urn:uuid:14584bcc-c507-4228-ab0c-69de3e9c2747”
29-Mar-2023::23:56:24.270 saber2 confd[2882]: netconf id=269 sending rpc-reply, attrs: message-id=“urn:uuid:14584bcc-c507-4228-ab0c-69de3e9c2747”

I also tried by increasing the capi timeout values in confd.conf from PT1000S to PT1H.

Still facing the same issue.

Please let us know if I am missing something here.


This is most frequently caused by incorrectly implemented data provider. CLI show and NETCONF get do not necessarily invoke the same data provider callbacks in the same order, so if one works, it does not mean the other will work too. Inspect your log files, especially devel.log and set your confd.conf setting /confdConfig/logs/developerLogLevel to trace.