Show callpoint without params


I have a show callpoint with 2 options: brief & detail.
Wher user perform ***show feature ***, I want to show only the status option.
How can I do it?

 container feature_show_cmd
   container feature {
       config false;
       tailf:info "Show feature information";*
       tailf:callpoint  feature_show;*
       container status
           tailf:info "Show feature status information";*
           uses show-feature-status;*
       } // end container status*
       container counters*
           tailf:info "Show feature counters information";*
            uses show-feature-counters;        
       } // end container counters
     } // end container feature
 } //end container feature_show_cmd

By show only the status , do you mean to show only status in the output?
I think you can use show template for this (tailf:cli-show-template). See examples.confd/cli/show_templates/jdemo.yang.

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Thanks Michal
Yes. I mean that when i don’t give status/counters and give only " show feature"
I want to see only the status container.
But what happens is that it goes also through the counters container…

OK, then try to add show template on fetature container that only displays status.