Show command implementation


I have a requirement which was exist like cisco-cli format and want to do same from confd-cli.
show router mdio register type <type> router-address <router-address> port-address <port-address> register-address <register-address>.
<> values to be entered from user with range from 0 to 31.
i tried yang but not sure how to get input from user and frame command, could you please guide me to make this work.

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Since you have a ‘show’ command I assume you are trying to display configuration information, or are you trying to configure the information? Does any of the data that you have here act as part of a table, or is it all single instance of each field?

For example, if it is a single object, you could treat each word in the CLI as a container until you reach items which actually hold values, such as type, and make them a leaf node of an appropriate type.

Is this a particular CLI syntax that you are trying to follow? If you have your attempt at producing a YANG model, you could attach it, and we could take a look at it.