Show running config displays in new line for each element

The sample show running-config for a MIB displays as follows

SNMP-TARGET-MIB snmpTargetAddrTable snmpTargetAddrEntry SNMAPManagerTest1
 snmpTargetAddrTagList  v2_trap
 snmpTargetAddrParams   target_v2

When i try to copy and paste the exactly the way its displayed above, i get an error, since snmpTargetAddrTDomain is a mandatory element confd expects the value in the same line. Is there a way to modify it. Either make the show running-config to display mandatory elements in single line or any other solution for this


CNAP(config)# SNMP-TARGET-MIB snmpTargetAddrTable snmpTargetAddrEntry " v2"
Value for 'snmpTargetAddrTDomain' (<oid>):  snmpTargetAddrTDomain
Error: bad value: "snmpTargetAddrTDomain" is not a valid value.
Value for 'snmpTargetAddrTDomain' (<oid>):  snmpTargetAddrTAddress
Error: bad value: "snmpTargetAddrTAddress" is not a valid value.
Value for 'snmpTargetAddrTDomain' (<oid>):  snmpTargetAddrTimeout     1500
Error: bad value: "snmpTargetAddrTimeout 1500" is not a valid value.



if i remember correctly, this behavior - CLI automatically asking you to fill in mandatory elements, can be disabled via /confdConfig/cli/autoWizard.
Either in confd.conf or dynamic configuration if you have it enabled… (see /confdConfig/cli/autoWizard in manual page of conf.conf)