Snmpwalk fails for CDB lists with "ordered-by user"

Hi ,

I have an implementation (using lists ) in which data is stored in CDB.
Since i wanted the list entries to be stored in the order in which user adds the entries , i specified “ordered-by user” in the yang . When i do show of the data from CLI , the list entries are displayed in the order in which user created the entries . But when i use snmpwalk to retrieve the list, snmp walk returns with error . When “ordered-by user” is not specified for the list , snmpwalk is successful. But the implementation required “ordered-by user” to be specified. Is there any tailf statement that can be used along with “ordered-by user” , so that confd returns CDB list data in lexicographical order for snmp interface ?


As described in Chapter 17.2.13 in the ConfD User Guide (tailf:sort-order on tables), the tailf:sort-order statement may have to be specified for indexes with dynamic length. However, the tailf:sort-order statement can only be used when the list is specified as “ordered-by system” as described in the man page for tailf:sort-order.

For further help with SNMP specific questions, it is recommended to contact Tail-f’s support team by filing a support ticket.

Thank you waitai .