Solving/working around devel-c Control socket request timed out daemon

Hi All,

I am new to CONFD. We are using confd-4.2.1 and using thirdparty database as well with cdb.

When we try to update a configuration value in cdb, sometimes we observe following log in devel.log
devel-c Control socket request timed out daemon

After this the devel.log alwasys shows the below error (for GUI request for data)

devel-c no registration found for callpoint

The GUI is not visible after the above failure.

Could you please guide me, how to deal with this problem.

NOTE: Restarting java which has socket connection to confd, solve this issue.

Thanks in advance.
Rajesh Kumar.


See ConfD 6.5 UG Chapter 6.3. Callpoints and Callbacks and the
examples from the example set bundle

Thank you for reply. I am going through the confd user guide. Could you please suggest if there is any configuration in confd.conf which can re-establish the control socket which died.

Hi, the application client initiates the connection to ConfD. So in your case your application need to reestablish the control socket