Split large table into smaller query over netconf

Say a device have very large number of entries (in millions) that need to be exported over NETCONF. Exporting such a big data at one go (and that too periodically) causes a performance penalty.

Conceptually this can be averted if manager can query for next N elements starting form a last known key. So one large query can be split into smaller queries of N elements.

Is there anyway to provide this query count and starting key etc over NETCONF rpc requests? Are there any other ways to achieve the same.


Xpath predicates should do what you want… see e.g. https://www.w3.org/TR/1999/REC-xpath-19991116/ and position()

By updating your get(-confg) request paths to something like:

/path/to/huge-list[position() < 100]

(note < vs &lt; due to escaping special XML characters…)
and subsequent request for:

/path/to/huge-list[position() &gt; 99 and position() &lt; 200]

etc. should give you sort of “batch” processing…

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