Subscribtion using confd_cli

Can anyone please tell me how to subscribe any module using confd_cli ?

I think CLI does not have subscription support. I suggest to use NETCONF.
You may add your own custom command to CLI to print subscription notification, but this
requires implementing it.

Subscriptions are in “southbound” layer → user typically implements them in custom apps using confd-lib to allow reacting to changes happening in YANG modules/database.

confd_cli is “northbound” CLI tool/terminal to allow user to work with CLI, thus no direct relation or interconnection.

Subscriptions are extensively described in ConfD user guide, chapter “CDB subscriptions”, and have several standalone examples available for inspiration in examples.confd/cdb_subscription sub-directory.

Hi @mnovak
Do you mean to use netconf-console ?

Yes, you can use netconf-console subscription support.