Support of yang library


  1. Can we get some examples on yang library module, as part of YANG 1.1 support ?
  2. Is it allowed to provide a list of module-sets as part of yang library ?
    For example:
    One library module for release common features
    additional library module with specific device modules (e.g. deviation files)
  3. Can we place also NETCONF supported capabilities as part of the library module ?


Assuming that you use the ietf-yang-library.fxs file shipped with ConfD, the data for it is already provided by a ConfD-internal data provider based on the loaded modules - since it is, indeed, a mandatory part of the YANG 1.1 support that ConfD provides. Try e.g. netconf-console --get -x /modules-state.

How you organize the contents of your YANG modules is up to you, as long as they follow the YANG spec - but I can’t see that RFC 7895 allows for any “creativity” in how the ietf-yang-library model is populated for a given set of YANG modules.

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Hi Per,

Thanks for the response.
Can you elaborate how to use the command “netconf-console” ?


I’m not sure what you mean - you can use it the way I wrote in the previous message. netconf-console -h will list other available options.

Hi Per,