Suppress a particular error/warning if confd encounters on return

Hi Team , bellow is the model I am trying to impelent

leaf link-file {
       "hardisk path for file ";
  tailf:cli-full-command {
        tailf:cli-suppress-warning TAILF_BAD_COMBO;
   type string {
      pattern "(bootflash:)|( hardisk:)"

If I provide the path value

confd_bash(class-config) #  link-file hardisk:/test.cfg
                                             #  commit
abort: inconsistent value: Device refused one or more commands

The router will return pass if the file is present at this path. if not error.

The actual error from the router is

"Error: Cannot load map error= hifs Failure
 Error: map 111 could not load  link-file hardisk:test.cfg"

but the router will allow this path config in show run configuration

Is there any way to identify this error on return and suppress this error/warning?

I’ve tried with sub-tail “tailf:cli-suppress-warning TAILF_BAD_COMBO;” , no changes and still fail to config.

Thank you for your help.

It’s not a ConfD error, it comes from a backend component, a router, as you write, which refuses the configuration change. I don’t think there is a way how to tell ConfD to keep the transaction going (cli-suppress-warning is purely compile-time extension, it cannot help here). For that you would have to modify either the backend component or the layer between ConfD and the backend.