Suppressing a leaf from operational mode


My yang is like below:

Container xyz {

list A {
key ‘a’;
leaf a {
type uint32;
leaf b{
type string;
leaf c{
tailf:hidden full;
config false;

Because of this A is coming in operational mode also. When i do show A, i get only keys as there is only one leaf in operational mode which is hidden. Is there any way i can hide it from operational mode.


So what you want is not to display leaf a?
What should be displayed then? Empty row(s) for each element in A?

If empty row(s) is OK, then you can use tailf:cli-show-template I guess.

How can we use show-template for giving empty rows?

I think empty string as tailf:cli-show-template should be OK.

Does not work. I tried.