TACACS+ integration

Has anyone successfully integrated TACACS+ with CONFD? If so what was the earliest version you were are to get it working with?



If you want to integrate with TACACS+, there are two options with ConfD. One is to use a PAM module for TACACS+, and to enable integration of PAM with ConfD for authentication (see section 14.4.3 of the ConfD User’s Guide). Whatever version(s) of TACACS+ is supported by the PAM module is what will be supported by ConfD.
The other option you have is to use the external authentication API described in section 14.4.4 of the ConfD User’s Guide. Here you have to write a client application, and again, if you use some TACACS+ libraries to write the client, whatever version of TACACS+ is supported by the library is what can be used.
ConfD doesn’t have any direct integration with TACACS+, only indirectly through PAM or an external authentication client, so the version supported is whatever the PAM module or TACACS+ library supports.

I know this is a very old article. I would like to know is there any provision for a user to change his password remotely ?.