Tailf aes encryption

Hello experts,

While I am passing password like $abc i was getting error on cli due to $ symbol in front of the text
Can anyone please share your idea on that.

leaf password_val {
description “Password. Use of % character must be escaped with (Max Size -127)”;
type tailf:aes-cfb-128-encrypted-string {
length “1…200”;


You can enter any cleartext value either directly or in the form $0$cleartext, so for example $0$$abc. The prefix $0$ indicates cleartext; when you read such value, you get something like $8$longencryptedpassword. That’s why you could not enter a value starting with $, this character has a special meaning at the beginning of the string.

Read the documentation for the type - it refers to the type des3-cbc-encrypted-string where this prefixing is explained in more detail.

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