Tailf:alt-name "aes 128" add '\' to the inputs CLI

Hi All,

The CLI “rekey algorithm aes\ 128” works but “rekey algorithm aes 128” doesn’t work.
The same behavior is seen for ‘aes 128’, ‘aes 192’, ‘aes 256’ which has a white space in the string. The show run O/P displays without ‘\’ in the display.

How do I correct the below behavior so that the input also works for “rekey algorithm aes 128” also. The IOS parser accepts only “rekey algorithm aes 128” as input, what change shld i do that “rekey algorithm aes 128” is accepted in confd input also. As i need to have the same CLI work on both confd & IOS parser. Kindly let me your feedback

Karthik. R


Router# config                          
Entering configuration mode terminal
Router(config)# crypto gdoi group Sameple      
Router(config-gkm-group)# server local                   
Router(gkm-local-server)# rekey algorithm ?              
Possible completions:
  3des-cbc  aes 128  aes 192  aes 256  des-cbc
Router(gkm-local-server)# rekey algorithm aes\ 128 
Router(gkm-local-server)# rekey algorithm aes 128 
syntax error: expecting 'aes 128', 'aes 192', or 'aes 256'
Router# show running-config | begin gdoi
crypto gdoi group Sameple
server local
  no pfs
  rekey algorithm aes 128

Yang Model

  container algorithm {
      "Set the rekey encryption algorithm";
    leaf a3des-cbc {
        "Triple DES in CBC mode";
      tailf:alt-name "3des-cbc";
      type empty;
    leaf aes-128 {
        "128 bit AES";
      tailf:alt-name "aes 128";
      type empty;