"tailf:display-when" is not supported in action?

I try to convert tailf:action to action. After updates, I try to compile the file but saw the below errors:
error: unexpected keyword ‘tailf:display-when’ .

The “action” looks like

action external-status {
tailf:exec “/usr/libexec/confd/external-lva-port-status”;
tailf:display-when “…/…/…/capabilities/distribution = ‘hammer’”;
tailf:info “Display external LVA port status”;
tailf:cli-mount-point “show”;
output {…}

The error is caused because “tailf:display-when” is not supported in action ?


Yes, this (and some CLI extensions) was an oversight when support for YANG 1.1 action was initially implemented. The actual implementation supported the same substatements for action as for tailf:action, but the grammar defined by tailf-common.yang didn’t allow it. Fixed in ConfD 6.5.7, 6.6.2, 6.7.1, 7.1 and later versions.