Tailf extensions data Read via CDB APIs

Hi all, i have defined my yang as below

module vs_dynamicity {
     yang-version 1.1;
     namespace "urn:xns:com:xxx:nr:vs-dynamicity";
     prefix "dynamicity";

     organization "xxx";
     contact "Kamala V";

     description "Defines the dynamicity of the attribute

     extension value {
         argument string;
             "The value MUST be a string of the three mentioned values XXX,YYY,ZZZ";

and using above extension in aother yangs as below

       grouping NtfSubscriptionControlGrp {
        description "Attributes of a specific notification subscription";

        leaf notificationRecipientAddress {
            dynamicity:value YYY;
            description "ves or rest receipent address for notification";
            type string;
            mandatory true;

        leaf notificationType {
            dynamicity:value XXX;
            type string;
            description "VES or REST";
            mandatory true;

        list scope {
            dynamicity:value zzz;
            key "scopeType";
            min-elements 1;
            max-elements 1;
            description "Describes which object instances are selected with
                respect to a base object instance.";

so each node will have its own dynamicity value,
whenever edit config happens on confd DB, will fetch key path and value using hadlr registered using cdb subscriptions API, can we also fetch dynamicity of that perticular path any way? any CDB API to fetch the same? or any other way can i fetch this value from confd ?
also any example code kindly share

See If we define our own statement using YANG extension and supply that YANG to CONFD - #2 by per