Tailf:meta-data can't be put inside a grouping directly?

I try to put a tailf:meta-data directly inside a grouping, like
grouping a {
tailf:meta-data “gui-false”

When I try to ompile the file, I got the error

error: unexpected keyword ‘tailf:meta-data’

I see the whitelist of meta-data can be used in user_guide, which doesn’t include grouping

The meta-data statement can be used in: container, list, leaf, leaf-list, tailf:symlink, and refine.

So want to confirm this means “tailf:meta-data” can’t be put inside a grouping directly, correct?


Correct, and you don’t want to either.

The schema information that is generated from the YANG model, which is what you access from the ConfD API, will have no concept of groupings. All groupings will be expanded.