To access a list, should callpoint added above list declaration

module X {
  list A {
tailf:callpoint Y {
    key a;
    leaf a {
    type uint32 {

when try to do get-config, call point not triggered.

it’s not clear form your model what type of callpoint you are trying to get invoked…

Is this config false data (there’s no “config: false;” in example), or the transformation callpoint (there’s no “transform: true;” in example yang)?

Also, please note that <get-config> operation does not retrieve operational data (if this is what you’re trying to do), you may need to use <get> instead…

it might be as well related to how the request looks, what is the AAA config that might prevent request to actually get the data, etc. it’s best to enable tracing/developer log, and see whether requests leads to data retrieval or something else cuts the process before…

to answer the question in the topic header:
No, the callpoint does not need to be above the list in the yang structure.
It is also valid positioned as you have written.
(position is OK, but there might be missing parts that i have mentioned in my previous comment)

Thank you very much for your response, i am trying to use external data base and get-config command

in this case, model should be fine, try checking the ConfD’s devel.log with <developerLogLevel> set to trace, to verify what requests are started, and with what result…

Also, check the confd --status before the request, to see whether your application with callback implementation registered OK for the callpoint Y…