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Trying to use tailf:id-value

I saw a comment here saying tailf:id-value deprecated, but nothing about that in any documentation or any warnings from the compiler. Is it still supported? Using confd-

A couple things I tried:

identity SIDMGR {
base oc-pol-types:INSTALL_PROTOCOL_TYPE;
tailf:id-value 2147483651;

and also tried annotation:

tailf:annotate-module “xxxxx” {
tailf:annotate-statement “identity[name=‘SIDMGR’]” {
tailf:id-value 2147483651;

But in either case the id-value is ignored and the header file still has the generated hash value instead.


The extension id-value is intended for dealing with hash value collisions and is supported only for data model nodes, i.e. containers, leaves, etc.; not for identities. And no, it is not deprecated AFAIK. On the other hand, a hash value collision can occur for identities too, even though it is much less likely, so the fact that it is ignored for identities may be a bug.

So as it is now, id-value is ignored for identities and you cannot use it for your purpose. The bug appear to be straightforward to fix, but even if this happens, the fix is very unlikely to make it into the forthcoming 8.0 release. So for the nearest future, you should look for another solutions.

Martin, FYI the man page does claim support:
“The id-value statement can be used in: module, leaf, leaf-list, list, container, rpc, action, identity, notification, choice, case, and tailf:action”

So you either have a documentation bug or a software bug. :slight_smile:

Thanks for clarifying, we will look for other solutions.