Unable to connect to ConfD using econfd_cdb:connect/1: {error,econnrefused}

How do I subscribe to CDB for the ConfD server running on a different host? When I try to connect using econfd_cdb:connect/1 function I am getting an error stating as {error,econnrefused}. Why is the connection being refused?

My setup:

ConfD server is running on IP
From a system running on IP, I am trying to connect to CDB by calling the function econfd_cdb: connect({}) but I am getting a return value {error,econnrefused}.

What am i doing wrong here?

By default, confd opens the management port (4565, or ?CONFD_PORT) only to localhost connections. You have following options:

  • run your erlang code directly on the target system (
  • tunnel the port 4565 from the target system to somehow, e.g. using ssh
  • configure confd to accept other connections too - see /confdConfig/confdIpcAddress/ip and confdConfig/confdIpcExtraListenIp in confd.conf (“man confd.conf”).

Note that the last option is the most convenient for experiments and development, but you may not want to use it in a production settings.

I have tried this and it is working absolutely fine and also found it very much convenient. However, I want to know why is it not good to use in production settings?

The IPC communication is not authenticated (default) or encrypted, it is done over TCP sockets. See ConfD UG chapter “Restricting access to the IPC port”.

Oh, I see. And yes I will.

Thank you!

You might want to check this App Note as well, to have an idea on what would be involved, or the security concerns…


Sure I will. Thank you.