Unable to delete certain CLIs


I am currently trying to delete the command commit save-running from the configuration mode of the CLI. I followed the clispec instructions on creating a .cli file and compiling it using confdc, then put the resulting .ccl file into the ConfD load path.

$ cat disable.cli 
<clispec xmlns="http://tail-f.com/ns/clispec/1.0" style="c">
      <delete src="commit save-running"/>
      <delete src="rollback"/>

As you can see, I also added (deleted) another command rollback, just for reference.
What I found is that the rollback command is deleted as expected, but the commit save-running command is not.

Using the describe function, I found that commit is a built-in command, but I am not able to query the same for its sub-commands. Thus, I am not 100% sure whether save-running is also built-in, but I have not found any modules defining it, so I chose to try this path first (rather than using tailf:hidden)…

Can you let me know if I am doing anything wrong or how I can achieve this?

Thanks & Best,

Here is what the Tail-f support wrote in the RT ticket:

That won’t work using the clispec since those options are not commands, but parameters to “commit”
Try to add NACM cmdrules instead.
See ConfD UG, section “Command Authorization”, for details.