Unable to get data on netconf client after maapi_netconf_ssh_call_home application on netconf server

I have created a TCP connection and passed the socket details in maapi_netconf_ssh_call_home(sockfd, &host, port).
After the TCP connection is established, I receive a call home on netconf client. But after the call home is received, there is no data reply which comes from the netconf server.

When I run confd_cmd utility, then the proper reply is received.

But when implementing it in application, it does not give reply

It’s hard to tell what is wrong, you don’t share many details. But as you wrote, confd_cmd works fine; you can take a look at what confd_cmd exactly does, its source code is part of the confd distribution in `$CONFD_DIR/src/confd/tools.

Actually, confd_cmd does not do that much - it just opens a MAAPi socket and calls the function, that’s it. So what exactly does not work as expected?