Unable to log into netconf SSH session using confd Basic


I am able to log into confd using the CLI option from a remote machine but when I try the port for netconf SSH access, it prompts me for the username on Putty running on my AWS Linux machine, I enter the correct username and then the session terminates immediately after the message "Authenticating with public key “imported-openssh-key”. There are no firewall rules in place that could affect this. If the key was incorrect I would have expected an issue with the connection to the CLI which works fine.


Did you invoke your ssh command with the -s option to specify the netconf subsystem? An example invocation is as follows:

ssh -s -p 2022 admin@localhost netconf

To add to the need to use the NETCONF subsystem when connecting via SSH, you may want to take a look at the netconf-console utility. This is located in the bin directory of ConfD. It is a Python program, and it can provide a useful example of how to interact with the NETCONF server as a NETCONF client. It is often used in the examples as a way of exercising the NETCONF interface, but examining the code can be helpful if you want to do use the NETCONF protocol directly via SSH.

Hi Waitai,

Many thanks for your quick response. it is much appreciated :smile:

Is this run from the machine running confd Basic or from the remote machine since I already started confd?


Hi Gary,

The example invocation of ssh that I have shown in my previous post is for running it on the same host machine as your ConfD Basic.

If you are to run it from a remote host machine, you will replace localhost with the ip address or host name of the machine running ConfD Basic. The port number being specified (with the -p argument) should match its configuration of ConfD Basic (inside confd.conf).