Unchangeable Data From Outside

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Is it possible to create/edit/delete database entry in a runtime from my application by using confD APIs.
Because I don’t wanna expose the our database entry to outside over netconf. So that, the netconf clients couldn’t change my data but i wanna change my data from my application.

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You can disable northbound APIS like CLI/NETCONF completely in ConfD configuration (confd.conf).

You can also selectively export some/all of the YANG models only to programmable interface of confd_lib when you compile FXS file from YANG models by using “--export none” parameter of confdc complier to disable all northbound agents for compiled yang…

Hmmm… basically you says: "by using this parameter “--export none ”, we don’t expose our yang data model to outside. Therefore, we got unchangeable data which is managed by confd, from outside.

Good it makes sense.

Thank you