Unrelated leafs shows up in possible completion


I have following yang model:

list ipXYZ {
    list ABC {
         config false;
         tailf:callpoint 1234CP
         key "name";
         leaf name { }

container ip {
  leaf AA { }

On the command prompt, when I TAB for ip, under possible completion, elements of list ABC configured under ipXYZ shows up. like:

command prompt: ip TAB
ABC1 --> part of ipXYZ
ABC2 --> part of ipXYZ

Any idea ?



Besides checking out the ConfD UG Chapter “General Troubleshooting Strategies”. To debug data provider errors:

1. In your c-application that link with the libconfd library, increase the debug level to CONFD_TRACE when calling confd_init(). Example:
confd_init("arpe_daemon", stderr, CONFD_TRACE);
For more on libconfd debug levels see “confd_init” in confd_lib_lib(3) man page.

2. In your ConfD configuration file, confd.conf, set the developer log level to TRACE. See confd.conf(5) man page. I.e:


BTW, your YANG example is not valid. The ipXYZ list need to either be a keyless config false list or it needs to have a key.