Upgrade to 6.3.4 ConfD- Must be recompiled


I am tryint to upgrade confd from 6.2 to 6.3.4.
During this error message is shown up indicating that confd.fxs should be recompiled.
What is the corresponding .yang file to achieve this?

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Most likely you are still using the confd.fxs from 6.2, so you should replace this with the one from 6.3.4. It doesn’t appear that the source is shipped with ConfD, just the .fxs file, so you just need to use the one supplied for that version.

The complete ConfD installation must be replaced when upgrading ConfD - there are many interdependencies between the files in the installation, in particular those under $CONFD_DIR/bin and $CONFD_DIR/lib - it doesn’t work to just pick some subset of them for the new version.