Upgrading Yang Schema

Not sure this is the correct group. I placed this question in the CDB group, but got no reply:

In my old schema I had a ‘must’ statement.
I then changed my schema and removed the must statement.
When I changed the schema in my confd.cdb directory and then restart confd it still yells about this must restriction, and does not let me connect to the cli.
The way I upgrade the schema is by coying the aaa_init-fxs, system-.fxs, aaa_init-.xml, and system-xsd-init-.xml, where the wildcard stands for the version of the schema I just created.
I don’t completely understand how the yang upgrade process works, so I am not sure I am doing it right, although I do see my new files in confd.cdb.

Data Model Upgrade is described in Chapter 13 of the ConfD User Guide. You can also find examples for the same under examples.confd/in_service_upgrade.


can i use in_service_upgrade in confd basic version?


Yes, in service upgrade is supported in ConfD Basic.

yes, i checked the example. just one question…I am using two modules in my yang model. One is loaded by default and on upgrade the other one is loaded along with the old one. Now my issue is if i use the same aaa_init.xml which is in the in service upgrade example, my upgrade just works fine. But,If i use my aaa_init.xml, i have added some rules for 1st module in the xml.So , after the upgrade in this case, i get msg upgrade is done. But my other module is not loaded. How do i solve this?


Have a look at the in_service_upgrade/simple example and how we handle src/v2/new.yang and src/v2/new_init.xml. new.yang adds a couple of new leafs (one of them mandatory which it also initializes).