Using CDB volume snapshots as backup?

The user manual states (section 31.9.1) that performing a backup of a running CDB must be done via “confd --cdb-backup”. This commands creates a tar-gz file with A.cdb and C.cdb that can then be backed up.

I’ve also read this post One question about the disk IO write rate - NETCONF - ConfD User Community ( That describes the implementation of the CDB file:

After reading that part I’m wondering if a snapshot of the CDB volume (kubernetes persistent volume in this case) would be a viable backup alternative to the tar-gz approach using confd --cdb-backup?

If you are ok with that an ongoing transaction is not backed up then yes. The point of either using confd --cdb-backup or taking a global northbound interface lock is to not miss an ongoing transaction when taking a backup.