Using hooks on an object modification to to modify another object in CDB

I am trying to use hook for my yang structure. The structure consist of leaf on whoes modification my hooks should be called and within that transaction I starting another maapi transaction to modify other object in CDB.

It works fine when I use the set hooks instead of transaction hooks.

If I use transaction hook, after my custom code is called … a new maapi transaction gets added but , it nevers comes out of it and get hung and after some time the confd stops.

While for set hooks both the transaction gets committed and works fine.

Please advise what is that I am missing here with transaction hooks.

When you say “starting another maapi transaction”, do you really mean attach (with the maapi_attach( ) call) to the same transaction?

It looks like you are getting into a deadlock situation. Can you share details of your YANG model and corresponding hook code.