Using MAAPI Transaction/Sessions to recieve modification in XML


I have a working logic that is using the following flow:

  1. Socket connect
  2. maapi start user session, PROTO_TCP
  3. maapi start transaction RUNNING, READ
  4. maapi save config XML PRETTY
  5. confd_stream_connect

I’m getting the XML from the socket . Not calling maapi_save_config_result.

I’m getting the same XML every few milliseconds.
Is there a way to receive it only once and from that point receive modifications of the committed data - all using the above MAAPI flow ?


Even when calling maapi_save_config_result, the XML/data/snapshot will be sent every few milliseconds.

The function maapi_save_config cannot be used for getting modifications, I’m afraid. For that there are other mechanisms - CDB subscriptions, NETCONF notifications, to some extent also kickers.

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