Validation & subscription callbacks does not give back leaf value configured in CLI

I have created new container in exiting yang file.

Yang contains:

container site {
    description "System site configuration.";
    tailf:validate validation-system-site {
         tailf:dependency ".";

    leaf tag {
        description "Unique identity of site.";
        type string { length "3..32"; }            

Trying to configure the site on CLI:
CLI> site tag my-system-tag1

But I see validation, as well as subscription call back, gives the keypath length as 2, i.e. it gives site & tag only.
I am expecting kp length as 3 for site tag & my-system-tag1.

Can you please guide me on what is missing here that’s why confd call back does not give the leaf value here?

My bad I was reading the wrong value.
Please ignore.