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What does 110 mean in returned result of confd_lasterr()?

We met some error on calling the lib function str2val, it does not return OK and we have found the following log:
“confd_errno”:19,“confd_errno_str”:“external error”,“confd_lasterror”:110

Can anyone help me understand the meaning of it? the external error was returned from us but the lasterr is sort of weird.

Depends on the application with a callback that return an external error. The lasterr string is set using for example confd_trans_seterr(). For details, see the confd_lib_lib(3) man page, section EXTENDED ERROR REPORTING.

Hi cohult,

the man page says char *confd_lasterr(void);
returns a string which contains additional textual information on the error.

And there is no error code as 110, so that’s why I am confused.

After enable trace log, I’ve found some error log in ConfD:

2021-12-22T21:51:50.117414948+01:00 ** Reason for termination ==
2021-12-22T21:51:50.117424656+01:00 ** {badarg,[{erlang,'++',
2021-12-22T21:51:50.117433591+01:00                     [{error,{cs_error,db,misc,application,

what does this mean?

It all points to an error caused by the application. The best logs are the application libconfd log at log level “CONFD_TRACE” or “CONFD_PROTO_TRACE” and the developer log at log level “trace”.
For more details, search for CONFD_TRACE and developerLogLevel in the ConfD UG.